Tina Schumann

The worldwide economy is confronted with huge challenges. Managing the disruptions resulting from Covid-19, climate change and a revolutionary development in the way we work creates unknown demands. Besides, globalization is still vital in particular for German companies while trade wars and political escalations hinder sustainable growth and development.


We must spend all our efforts to keep up with technological developments while simultaneously courting for the best talents. This makes a challenging environment for leaders, companies and employees. A continuous increasing of efficiency and digitization forces all stakeholder to rethink and to overcome outdated structures, workflows and forms of cooperation.


As a member of the supervisory board Tina sees it as her core responsibility to support and advise international companies on these challenges, mid-sized enterprises as well as listed companies.

Digitization, diversity & development are indispensable elements of a modern corporate strategy whereby technological progress is accompanied by a focused development of employees and a tough competition for best talents. This makes the core of Tina’s entrepreneurial mindset, together with her expertise in the areas of finance, accounting and tax and the experiences she gathered as a supervisory board member e.g. of Lufthansa CityLine, Deutsche Lufthansa Technik AG and Deutsche Holdings (Luxembourg) Sarl.

In her function as a supervisory board member she makes herself in-depth familiar with the company’s business, its business model and value drivers and, last but not least, the market environment and the relevant IT set-up.


Tina’s long-lasting business experience and her analytical skills enable her to quickly identify focus topics in an entrepreneurial set-up. Her distinctive capabilities of conflict management help her categorize diverging points of interest and develop sustainable and robust solutions.

Besides her passion for developing companies she has a great sympathy and deep respect for family-owned companies. They make the backbone of the German industry and give jobs to millions of people.

Building-up companies across generations and wars, make them develop and grow is a huge challenge and a life-filling task. Taking care of this task and being part of such a development is a pleasure, challenge and honor for Tina.